Coding CC Rights: Sarina Canelake

Per the conversation here as well as OEP-54, I’m asking that the community take a look at my access levels and determine if they are appropriate. I appreciate your consideration, and am here to answer any questions you might have. You may PM me or anyone at tCRIL if you have specific concerns about this request.

Who I am

My name is Sarina Canelake (@sarina on GitHub and Slack). I am a moderator of the forums, the administrator of the Core Contributor Program, and Engineering Manager at tCRIL. I’ve been with the Open edX project for 5 years and couldn’t pick a better job.

My current access, and why I have it

As a member of tCRIL, I am an org admin on the GitHub openedx organization. I have this access in order to manage user groups and permissions (mostly done as part of the Core Contributor program) I use these permissions while taking my turn on the tCRIL on-call rotation, where we handle both access concerns and GitHub apps and secrets. I’ve done work installing apps and secrets that benefit the org.

I have what is known as “push-pull-all” access to all repos, meaning that - except for repos where review is required - I can merge into the default branch of any repo. I’ve recently been doing work to standardize workflows across all repos - with 189 repos to cover, being able to script the merge over many repos has been a lifesaver.

Most important to me is org admin rights - I use those a lot. I would be willing for my “push-pull-all” rights to be scoped down, as the community feels is right.

Comment Period

Will be 2 weeks from today, Fri Feb 25th. That means comments are open through Fri March 11


Thank you for your consideration!


Let me be first to give you a thumbs up @sarina!

(Those multi-repo scripts are open source, right)


Hey @sarina, it a great honor to vote yes on this.

I think that your org admin right is absolutely needed to manage the core-contributors program. On the push-pull-all I think that this is key to your objective of standardizing workflows so it is also fitting that you have it. Looking forward, the more repos that have required reviews, the less might the push-pull-all permission would be, right?


@Felipe this is the same as the “write” access Feanil mentions in his post. It also gives me the ability to approve PRs in all repos. I am open to scoping down my access in the future, possibly just to the ones I regularly work on, and perhaps many/all of the repos with very few or no collaborators/maintainers so I can be a backstop as needed until we find more permanent maintainers.


@sarina Thank you for posting about it, and putting it for review! These accesses sound all right to me, I can only imagine you making good use of it. And thank you for all the good work, and all the changes you have already implemented – that can only come with the ability to make changes fast.

And generally, I don’t think we necessarily need to scope the rights we give very narrowly - for me the criteria is more whether I trust the person to take good decisions. One of them being knowing when to step out. :slight_smile:


as usual with most of the community the key word is trust. In this case, trust that you use the broad permissions only when it is correct to use them. The permissions themselves don’t need to be so fine grained. That could become the bottle neck as well, specially since we don’t have so many core contributors yet.


+1 for me as well :slight_smile:


:100: :+1: !! Your voice and expertise in shaping this program have been invaluable @sarina . I’m so glad to be working with you!


It practically goes without saying, but here’s my +1, @sarina. :slight_smile:

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I vote yes too! :+1:

Hi all! I’m pleased to announce… me! as a member of the Core Contributor program! It’s a little awkward to accept myself & also administer the program, but I really appreciate your votes of support and encouragement. It’s an honor to be part of this community and I hope I can continue to do right by all of you - and I hope you will let me know when I fall short (and let me know how I can improve).

As part of this, my permissions are publicly visible on the Core Contributors wiki page. For myself, other tCRIL members, or any other CC, that page may be used both to view permissions and to bring up any concerns about specific access by individuals.