New Core Contributor: Carlos Muñiz

@cmuniz joined the team at tCRIL in early November, right as the organization formed. Carlos has been focused on learning how documentation works (particularly, how to build!) and has done a great job learning & doing some deep DEPR work on the openedx-calc library. Thus, I am nominating him for write access to the following repos:


As a member of tCRIL, I would additionally like to grant GitHub Administrator rights for the openedx organization to @cmuniz.

This access grants Carlos access to configure settings & user access on the organization and all of its repositories. He’d use the admin-level permissions primarily while taking his turn on the tCRIL on-call rotation, where the team handles both access concerns and GitHub apps and secrets management.

From time to time, we may also use the admin access for housekeeping tasks such as fixing CI configuration, managing issue templates, updating repository descriptions and curating the pinned repositories. If Carlos were to leave the tCRIL on-call rotation, he would give up this access, especially once we’re at a point where more repositories have dedicated maintainers who can be responsible for these sort of housekeeping tasks.

One caveat: This access also grants global write access, which means that he could push branches, leave qualifying PR reviews, and merge PRs for all repositories. Carlos is dedicated to the community and not using this write access.

As administrators, we are asking that you trust us to do the following:

  • Have Core Contributor status before becoming an Admin
  • Only use our admin power as plainly spelled out: for on-call duties that include GH access permissions, app management, secret management, and configurations (such as CI configuration).
  • To not use this access as a blank check to write to all repos.
    • This involves trust: despite the fact this permission confers write access to all repos, write access will only be used for the repo(s) the Administrator holds CC access to
    • If access is needed to another repo, proper channels will be gone through: either asking CCs on other repos for merge assistance, or requesting elevated access permissions as per OEP-54
  • All administrators will keep tabs on the actions of all the other admins.

If, at any point, a community member has issue with the actions of an Admin, they should seek out another admin, or, for assistance. GH Audit Logs will be used to validate any report of misconduct.

Carlos is an enthusiastic member of the tCRIL team who never stops learning. Throughout his tenure he has shown great initiative and judgement. I believe he will use these Administrator powers for good, and within the rules and regulations outlined above. We are seeking comment from the community on granting this access to Carlos.

Comment Period: 11 March 2022 - 25 March 2022


Thanks for nominating me @sarina!

As talked about above, I am dedicated to using the admin rights to serve the community exclusively and to use the non-admin channels available to everyone to contribute to the Open edX community.

I encourage the community to challenge and critique my nomination as it may help the nomination process that new members will have to go through in the future. It is only through thinking and rethinking that we can create a process that is fair to everyone in the Open edX community.

I am happy to answer any questions, provide more details, and to take the opportunity to learn if anyone has anything to share.


:+1: for me ! It’s great to have you on board :slight_smile:


@sarina Thank you for the nomination – and welcome @cmuniz ! :smiley:

To help review the contributions more easily for new core members we don’t know well already, would it be possible to get some links? I’m including some I’ve found below, but there might be other elements worth looking at?

PRs to openedx-calc:

Other PRs, to edx-documentation, edx-platform and others:

Looks :+1: for me too!


As far as PRs go, I can add one: @cmuniz took on the rather hairy task of upgrading the entirety of the frontend-app-library-authoring dependency tree and making the necessary code changes, so it can then move to Node 16. (This is part of a concerted effort to do the same to all MFEs.) It’s far from done, but worth keeping an eye on.

He has my +1, in any case.


As far as documentation stuff goes, Carlos created, authored, and set up RTD & tests for GitHub - openedx/tcril-onboarding: Onboarding Documentation for tCRIL - meaning he has far more experience with RTD than most of us :sweat_smile: :grinning:

@cmuniz anything else we’ve all missed?


I think @antoviaque and you have summed up my contributions nicely!

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This nomination was a bit more difficult to evaluate since I this time I didn’t know the candidate from before.
In any case, the links Xavier provided where very useful.
Now, to @cmuniz, I’d also like to welcome you. I think you are demonstrating commitment, conduct and caliber in your work over the last five months. I vote yes.

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A vote of Yes from me as well. :+1:

Thank you everyone who weighed in on this. I definitely appreciate the careful evaluation of our newest team member. Welcome @cmuniz !

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