Coding CC Rights: Brian Mesick

Per the conversation here as well as OEP-54, I’m asking the community to accept me as a Core Contributor with Coding Rights on several GitHub repositories. I appreciate your consideration, and am here to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free PM me or anyone at tCRIL if you have specific concerns about this request.

Who I am

My name is Brian Mesick (@Brian Mesick on Slack). I worked at edX as a principal engineer on the Platform team, Data Engineering team, and Ecommerce team from 2016 - 2021. During that time my GitHub user was bmedx which should give an idea of my level of commitment and all around knowledge of the Open edX ecosystem. My shiny new GitHub user is bmtcril.

I left edX in November 2021 and have just started with tCRIL last week as an Architect (Data) to help guide data and analytics on the platform forward. As a member of tCRIL, most of my work will be in service of the Open edX project. At minimum I will be able to contribute 20h/month per the Core Contributor commitment.

My current access, and why I have it

Basically none! Unlike other folks who moved directly over to tCRIL directly from edX, I’m able to start with a fresh GitHub user to ensure I don’t have any lingering permissions, and do not have the inherited “push-pull-all” rights.

Access I’m seeking

As a member of tCRIL, I would like to be an org admin on the GitHub openedx organization. This will allow me to manage user groups and permissions (necessary to run this very Core Contributor program!). I would use these permissions while taking my turn on the tCRIL on-call rotation, where we manage access, GitHub apps, CI and repository configuration, and secrets. This would provide the implicit ability to push to any branch in any repo in the org, however I’m committed to only pushing to repos for which I have been explicitly granted Coding CC rights unless it became somehow necessary for an on-call task. Ideally this part of the role and attendant permissions will eventually wind down as was discussed in this topic: Coding CC Rights: Kyle McCormick

The repos I’m seeking Coding CC rights on are directly related to my work in the data sphere, architecture, or administration of the data working group:

  • code-annotations
  • course-discovery
  • data-wg
  • edx-analytics-configuration
  • edx-analytics-dashboard
  • edx-analytics-data-api
  • edx-analytics-data-api-client
  • edx-analytics-exporter
  • edx-analytics-pipeline
  • edx-enterprise-data
  • edx-platform
  • event-bus-kafka
  • event-routing-backends
  • event-tracking
  • openedx-events
  • tubular

Comment Period

Through 2 weeks from today, Fri September 23rd.


Thank you for your consideration, it’s great to be working with you all again!


This is a Yes from me. :+1: Brian has worked deeply on so many parts of the Open edX ecosystem. I trust him with the level of access he is requesting.

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Hey @BrianMesick,

I think the depth of your knowledge with all the platform’s subsystems absolutely warrants this permissions. I am also in favor of this and vote yes to the nomination.

About the switch to a new github user I wonder if it might cause more confusion since your old handle is already associated to many PRs and lines of code.

In any case, welcome back.

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This is also a yes from me :+1:

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Big :+1: from me too! Looking forward to working with you again @BrianMesick :smiley:

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:+1: Yes from me as well (still not sure if my vote counts)

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@BrianMesick Welcome back to Open edX - definitely :+1: :slight_smile:

@chintan Yes, all core contributor votes count :slight_smile: Only cores with access to a given repo can approve that specific access, but the review of the application as a whole is open to all.


@BrianMesick I’ve been thinking about the idea of grouping repos logically so that future CCs would apply to be members of one of the repo groups, as opposed to listing a bunch of individual repos.

Do you think it would make sense for any of these repos to be grouped? suggestions of 0, 1, or more groups makes sense to me, and not all repos need to be in a group.

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I think grouping the edx-analytics-* repos together makes a lot of sense. There is probably a set of the “event” repos that can be grouped, at least these:

  • event-routing-backends
  • event-tracking
  • openedx-events

There is probably an argument for a “discovery” group that goes beyond what I’ve asked for here, but I’m honestly not sure what repos are current in that space.

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Yes from me too :+1:

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Congrats @BrianMesick and welcome to the CC program!!

Follow the steps in this doc to get going:

For Step 4, please indicate in your GitHub request ticket any grouping of repos that you think make sense to make. You can work with tcril on-call to determine the best way to implement this.