Gmail filters for direct mentions?


Has anyone figured out how to create a gmail filter to flag/label/otherwise distinguish messages from which directly mention you? I’ve tried filters like this, but they just match everything, since the email “to” field always matches my name:

list:( "@jill"
list:( +"@jill" 

I’m afraid my only options are to a) remember to check the /notifications/mentions page often, or b) change my Discourse notification settings so that I don’t get every post sent to my Forums inbox, just the direct mentions or followed posts… which would be ok, but I do like having a very searchable record in my inbox.

How have other people been managing this?

Hello Jill,
it looks like that Gmail doesn’t recognize special search characters and therefor it is not possible to create a filter by searching “@username” but you can create a filter by searching this expression -jill and it’ll significantly reduce number of received emails directly inside your inbox. unfortunately i found that if you create a post yourself and the responder doesn’t mention you in his response, then it would be filtered out. I myself managed to filter out all emails from discuss into a category and I check that daily or every couple of days.

@jill I don’t know a way, but I’ve asked on

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