Hawthorn and LTI

I have a hawthorn open-edx version, I finished to setup the LTI and it’s working, now how I can read the grades from the external website?


Hi @muneera_salah,

Can you add more details about the LTI integration that you are trying to set up?
Are you using the platform as an LTI Tool (display Open edX content on external tool) or as a consumer (display external content inside LMS)?

Since you’re on Hawthorn, I’ll assume that you are using an LTI 1.1 integration since that’s the only supported one in that release.

On this LTI version, the main way to pass grades around is through the LTI Basic Outcomes service (spec).

On the provider (embedding LMS content in external tool), in order for the platform to correctly pass grades back to the external tool, you need to set the correct lis_outcome_service_url provided by your service.

On the LTI Consumer (embedding external content into LMS), the outcome_service_url parameter is automatically added to the LTI message if the block/section is graded.