Help craft the Open edX Product Narrative in just 2 minutes!


The Open edX project has come a long way over the past decade. We’re excited for what the next chapter holds, and the Product Working Group would like your help with that!

We are crafting a Product Narrative for the Open edX project. The Narrative will be the North Star for the platform, helping us to figure out:

  • What features to build next
  • How we can make the platform better for you and your users
  • How we can support you better

We have a few questions about how you use the Open edX platform. Your answers will help us to craft the Product Narrative. We’d love to hear from you, from your employees and coworkers, and from your users. Please feel free to share the link to the survey widely!

The survey will take less than two minutes - find it here!

You can learn more about the Product Working Group and what we’re up to, here.

Your input is highly valued; thanks for your response.

All the best,

Jenna, Faqir and Santiago

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