Update on Product Documentation - Content Modularity Initiative

Hi everyone!

Braden, Dave and I have been working on an Initiative to support better content modularity on the Open edX platform. Huge thanks to everyone we’ve had input from thus far. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some product documentation for the first couple of milestones.

This is an Approach Memo to describe the rationale and approach to the initiative.

We have scoped this initiative into six iterative phases. User stories and high level feature requirements are included with each phase. Each phase also has a space for gathering open approach questions.

This is the Product Requirement Documentation for the first phase, which we’ve scoped as an MVP.

This is the Technical Approach Documentation for the first phase.

We’d love your feedback and input, especially as this initiative represents an opportunity to iterate on early-stage product documentation. Please feel free to comment in-line, or in the comment section at the bottom of each page. Thanks so much!



Great work on this! There are quite a few features that are long-time requests, and should make a few people quite happy. :slight_smile: I’ve commented inline, but overall this looks great – kudos to all involved in producing this for the work. :+1: