Highlight correct answer in green after learner reaches max attempts

First time posting. I’m hoping I have chosen the correct category. Apologies if I didn’t!

Currently, I am able to adjust settings for multiple-choice questions so that once a learner reaches max attempts, the Show Answer button appears and once they click on that, the correct answer option is outlined in green. Is there a way for this to happen WITHOUT needing the learner to do something, i.e. click Show Answer? I want the correct answer to automatically outline in green right after the learner submits their max attempt.

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I don’t think there’s a way to automatically make the answer show, or at least, I’m not aware of one. You could use feedback to provide instant feedback based on the chosen answer, but that will always display when they pick the response, not just when they have used all their attempts.

There’s no built-in setting for this.

You could theoretically add a piece of javascript to the page that checks to see whether the Submit button is disabled (or whatever the appropriate trigger is) and then highlights the answer. I cannot recommend this approach. You’d have to update the javascript every time you change the problem, and it also exposes the correct answer to the learners (though it might be hard for them to figure out how to get at it).