Show hint after 2 failed MCQ attempts in one question and after 3nd failed attempt show the answer

Hi All.

My first post here.

  1. I’m looking to show a hint after 2 failed attempts to answer the MCQ
  2. then show the answer after a 3rd failed attempt.

it’s to motivate the learners to read more and come back. :grinning:
if that is not yet avaialbe what is the ‘alternative’ solution that can be used ( as a temporary fix)

I believe it’s an important functionality…
Thank you for your response.

Have a nice day.

Hey Cortex,

As far as I am concerned there is no way of performing this specific function as of now. Hints can always be displayed and toggled through. However here are some alternatives that may help:

  1. Show an answer with an explanation to deliver the message without going back.

  2. Use a SCORM component with this functionality and make it send a response to the system.

  3. Create a subsection containing a hint and a third attempt once the quiz has been completed and take the best score and set the quiz droppable amount to 1 with 2 per section in the grading configuration.

I am sorry I couldn’t fix your problem, perhaps a plugin could come and do this in the future. But for now I hope this works.

Thank you for your answer.

how to use that SCORM component with this functionality ? any example using an open source free SCORM editor ? ( and that send a response to the system example )
Also how to contact devs and ask for this function, I believe that it may be interesting for general purpose, and make OpenEDX be on another leverl :slight_smile: