How can I omit/hide the subsection grading type name from the outline subsection name link?


I am using Koa. I have added course completion component (10.8. Completion Tool — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation) to each of my units.

I then created a grading assignment type of “Foo”. I then marked subsections as being graded as type “Foo”. Now when a student looks at the course outline, it says “Subsection1 Foo”, with the “Foo” being part of the subsection link (i.e. underlined on mouse over.) I confirmed this behavior in Firefox on Linux and Edge on Windows.
See these two images of before: Foo1.png - Google Drive
And after:
Foo2.png - Google Drive

Is there a way to stop the grading assignment type from appearing in the name of the subsection in the course outline?

Bumping this post hoping for help. And now I can apparently upload files, so here are the two images:

You can see how unfortunately the grading assignment type name gets built into the (underlined) course title. This makes the class look buggy and unprofessional :-/

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This seems to still be happening in Lilac too :-/

Bumping this again :-/

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Instead, maybe see how you can reformulate your question, or show the progress you have made in investigating it – you’re much more likely to get an answer this way, and at least the post can be helpful to someone else in a similar situation in the future.


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Having the type of assignment below the subsection helps learners differentiate between the subsections and their significance in their grading directly from the overview of the course. It also provides an idea regarding the due date of the assignment. Here’s an example…

lab assignment with due date

The default assignment types (Homework, Lab, Midterm Exam, Final Exam) created by the Open edX platform provide a good example use case of grading assignments.

I understand, however, that members might want to utilize some features differently. So I’ll attempt to answer your question below.

There is a “hacky” solution which would be extremely specific to your use-case.

The Open edX platform allows members to change the theme for an Open edX site; for more information please check “Changing Themes for an Open edX Site”.

By utilizing custom themes, you can “hide” the name of the grading assignment type and prevent it from appearing in the name of the subsection in the course’s outline.

Or, if you specifically don’t want the assignment name to be “underlined” on hover or mouseover, you can change the behavior through custom themes as well.

I hope that answers your question.