How can I omit/hide the subsection grading type name from the outline subsection name link?


I am using Koa. I have added course completion component (10.8. Completion Tool — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation) to each of my units.

I then created a grading assignment type of “Foo”. I then marked subsections as being graded as type “Foo”. Now when a student looks at the course outline, it says “Subsection1 Foo”, with the “Foo” being part of the subsection link (i.e. underlined on mouse over.) I confirmed this behavior in Firefox on Linux and Edge on Windows.
See these two images of before: Foo1.png - Google Drive
And after:
Foo2.png - Google Drive

Is there a way to stop the grading assignment type from appearing in the name of the subsection in the course outline?

Bumping this post hoping for help. And now I can apparently upload files, so here are the two images:

You can see how unfortunately the grading assignment type name gets built into the (underlined) course title. This makes the class look buggy and unprofessional :-/

Bumping this one again too :slight_smile:

This seems to still be happening in Lilac too :-/