How do I contribute to translating Open edX?

The guide for translation process is outdated:
Mailing lists are deprecated.
Transifex is minimum $70/mo.
I see no significant additions to translations from release to release.
Can someone please clarify the situation with i18n?

Thanks, we need to update the translators’ guide.

Transifex is free for open-source projects. On the signup page, click “open source project? Sign up here”: Transifex - Sign up

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@nedbat Thank you Ned. I’ve managed to register though it wasn’t obvious.
However, I cannot find a way to get my translations updated on my Native installation of Open edX Koa.3.
I upload my updated files to:
Then I run commands that should get me going, but I see no result after that:

paver i18n_generate -v
paver i18n_compilejs
paver update_assets
python lms --settings=production collectstatic --noinput
python cms --settings=production collectstatic --noinput
sudo /edx/bin/supervisorctl restart lms cms

Is there anything I am missing? As my translations are still not online.

@nedbat I can see the documentation for translating here, but how do I apply my translations?
I use - Koa3 Native.
I have my .po files in place. And after executing some of the lines from my previous message - the .mo files are generated with my translations. But these translations don’t appear in production.