How do i edit lms.env.json?

I am inside the lms-shell and would like to edit the configuration file lms.env.json. Commands like vim are not working.
How do I edit these files?
Installation details: IronWood on Linux with Docker

Did you try with vi and nano?

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Installation details: IronWood on Linux with Docker

Since you’re using Docker then I assume it’s a devstack installation you have there.
In devstack using docker,settings loaded from {lms,cms}.{env,auth}.json files are sometimes overridden by those of devstack.

Settings files are located in edx-platform/{lms,cms}/envs
Depending on your environment (devstack, or production) the loaded settings will differ. To ensure your settings are the ones used, they shouldn’t be overridden by any other settings from including files

1. Production:

  • gunicorn loads (you may use this file to define custom settings at the end)
  • loads, then loads .env.json and .auth.json to override default values, use these.
  • In juniper and later JSON files are replaced by YAML files in /edx/etc

2. Devstack using docker:

  • runserver loads (use this preferably)
  • loads
  • loads
  • loads, then loads .env.json and .auth.json.

When you decide to move from devstack to production, you should move all your custom settings from, to either json files (/edx/etc/*.yml files in juniper or later) or ultimately to


Thank you @ARMBouhali, but I think you are wrong! imports everything from, therefore it includes all JSON settings.
check this line, please.


@mahyard I was indeed wrong. It’s strange I didn’t notice that so far :sweat_smile:
I’ve corrected my previous answer.

Thanks for the info.

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