PLATFORM_NAME does not change

I changed PLATFORM_NAME in edx-platform/lms/envs/ file but nothing happened in title name or first page. Can anybody help me?


  1. You need edit lms.env.json
  2. Restart lms
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But it doesn’t work for me! I think maybe some kind of caching causes this behavior.

It is indeed the way @sbernesto said.

You edit the lms.env.json

and then restart.

Some times it may display old name, in that case try to clear the cache, or try to check in other browser or in incognito mode.

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You can check your settings in LMS shell(devstack-docker installation):

make lms-shell
python lms shell --settings devstack_docker
from django.conf import settings

You can check any setting using this. If your changes are visible over here, then it will definitely reflect on your site.

I checked it. Settings in not visible in lms-shell.

If you use docker dev, you need edit /edx/etc/lms.yaml file and restart the lms

Yes, it works. Thanks a lot, but I wonder why this file is used. As I know for changing site theme in docker dev installation also this file should be changed. But in tutorials it is not mentioned and the file reset every time devstack is down.