Student certificate issue

Hello Team!

We got an issue related to the certificate. It says “Your certificate will be available when you pass the course”, but the student has already passed the course with 90%.

Please help.


Hi @mohan.krishna,

Can you add more details about the issue you are having?
Are there any error logs showing up?

Before investigating this further, make sure that you enabled and set up course certificates with the following guide: 4.10. Enabling Course Certificates — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation.

Once you checked that the settings are properly set up, check that the student is enrolled on a course mode that issues certificates (such as honor or verified).

With all that set, if you want your users to automatically generate the certificates once they reach a passing grade, you need to enable the automatic certificate generation so that users on self-paced courses get the certificate as soon as they reach a passing grade.

Let me know if that helps.