How do Program Enrollments work?

Looking at the understanding how Program enrollments work within Open edX.

This support article suggest that once you enroll in a course that is a part of a program credential that the program will appear on the LMS Programs dashboard.

Is there any reason that all courses within a program don’t get registered to the learner’s account?

Is there a way to register for all courses in a program that can be handled by the learner or staff/admin member?

I noticed that there is a LMS <lms-domain>/support/link_program_enrollments page that allows you to link the Program UUID to an <external_student_key,lms_username>. I don’t have the external_student_key value so I don’t know what to put there.

I also noticed that there is a <lms-domain/api-docs section for program_enrollments. When are these endpoints called?

It appears that you need to schedule the cache_programs management command to update the LMS cache with updated program information. Is there documentation on how to do that?

I see information here about running cache_programs but this looks like a one time thing and not scheduled. Tutor documentation appears to say execute this command whenever you make a new or modify an existing program change.

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Sorry @Zachary_Trabookis we haven’t been able to make this work on our end. That last time we looked at it was pre-Tutor.