How to add more important date in Tab Dates of course

Hello everyone, can I add more important date such as subsection date in current Dates tab

I’m using lilac version

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Hi Luam - I’ve been wondering how to do this for a while: finding your post prompted me to have another try and I have worked out how to do it!

  • Log in to your /admin panel of Django-settings

  • Search there for “django-waffle

  • Select “Flags

  • Select “Add Flag” (gray button top-right)

  • Paste this text
    Info at Feature Toggles — edx-platform Technical Reference documentation
    and in GitHub readme

  • For “Everyone

    • select “Yes” if to be seen by all users
    • select “Unknown” if to be seen by specified types of users
    • select “No” to turn off and notbe seen by all users
  • Checkboxes: select

    • Testing”: if only to be seen by a user specified in the final box
    • SuperUsers”: if only to be seen by users with /Admin access
    • Staff”: if only to be seen by course-teams & staff
  • Notes”: add something to remind you of what it does:
    Makes dates-for-graded-work appear in the tab “Dates”

  • Users”: if only to be seen by a user specified here (for Testing)
    Then “Save”

Now if in the Course Content-Outline for a Unit’s-settings, you set a “Due date” for a graded-problem,
it will appear in the “Dates” tab.


Many thanks for your good answer.