Course_experience.relative_dates flag issue

Hello everyone

when we add this course_experience.relative_dates flag in the admin panel it will show the important date’s tab of a course on the outline page. I added this course_experience.relative_dates flag but it is visible only for certain users.

why it is not visible for all users?

even I have set Everyone == Yes in the flag.

I don’t know its issue or functionality. if an issue then how can I resolve it or not issue then how does this flag works?

flag description edx-doc:
Feature Toggles — edx-platform Technical Reference documentation !



The course_experience.relative_dates used to be an ExperimentWaffleFlag and was only “promoted” to a standard WaffleFlag recently, after lilac was released.

That means that in addition to creating and enabling the course_experience.relative_dates flag for all users, you’ll have to create another flag with the name course_experience.relative_dates.1 and enable it for everyone.