How to change edx logo and sign in link in password reset email

I’ve found the template in base.body.html

Should i change it directly or is there any other method, i don’t feel right hard coding it

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Hi @LeonordLim,
Regarding sign-in link, you can change it from here:

For logo:

  1. add your variable for logo in and use it in the template
  2. You can override the template in your theme directory if comprehensive theming is enabled and Hardcode logo link.
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To make your theme override templates in the openedx ace_common/edx_ace/common directory, you’ll need to put those templates under the lms/templates/ace_common/edx_ace/common directory in your theme. It’s unintuitive, but seems to be the only way the theme will recognize these files.

We had some luck doing this for the Course Update emails, by overriding
openedx schedules/edx_ace/courseupdate/email templates with theme files under lms/templates/schedules/edx_ace/courseupdate/email/.

CC @sbernesto for How to modify a email template?