How to configure and customize the richie plugin in tutor

Good day fellow developers! The tutor installation has a built in plugin of richie. Is there a way to customize and configure the richie plugin? For example, how can you change the logo? How can you add additional tabs or features? How about the colors and fonts?

The richie documentation is quite broad and also, I think the documentation is built for those who used the whole richie cms platform. But what if you’re just using richie as a plugin for tutor? How can you customize and configure it?

Hello @Engr_James_Lusuegro , I’m really not very familiar with Richie, but maybe this tutor plugin can help you: GitHub - openfun/tutor-contrib-richie: Tutor plugin for integration of Open edX with a Richie course catalog
You might also be interested that it is in the process of being deprecated as an official plugin: depr: richie plugin is no longer official by regisb · Pull Request #720 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub