Customise Richie Theme

I’m running Richie using the tutor plugin and I am looking to customise my instance of Richie.

From the documentation it seems that the recommended path is to use a Richie site factory. Does the current implementation of the plugin support it?

Just looking at the Dockerfile template it doesn’t look like it does.

So far I’m considering:

  1. Create a richie site as a standalone repo and set RICHIE_REPOSITORY to that rep when building the image.
  2. OR customise tutor-richie to support richie site factories.

I’ll be looking into it further but any pointers is welcome! :slight_smile:

Looks like I would have to change the plugin’s Dockerfile regardless. I’m going to focus on what it would take for the plugin to support site factories.

I facing issue installing Richie if I have any course into the LMS. It is giving course Sync Error

There is a thread that addresses your issue.

Comment there if you need any help on your issue or open a new thread.

Hi BbrSofiane,

Thanks alot I have been able to install Richie. I am just curious about Richie Site Factory. its working or not. I have seen this repo but not able to install in production server please guide me how I can install this in production server.

I’m currently working on a PR to the tutor plugin to get it to work with richie site factories.

You will need to create your own site factory though (see instructions). You can start working on your own site factory so feel free to get started.