How to configure the server after completing the installation

I have done a native installation on Ubuntu 16.04. I followed the steps 1 to 5 mentioned in the docs.

But for the step 6, it only says

You will need to finish configuring your server, for example to set the LMS_ROOT_URL setting, before everything will work properly.

Could anyone please help with this step by providing more details or a good link to follow?

PS: for confirmation of installation, I used a terminal-browser(w3m). I get the Homepage of Open edx in terminal when I execute,


But when I try to access it through my IP Address, it doesn’t work. I believe this is because I have not done anything about Step 6 in the docs. But not sure how to complete it. Any kind of clue/link/help is much appreciated. Thank you.

My issue is fixed. Basically I had to open all the required ports. I added these Inbound Port Rules in my Networking section of Azure Dashboard.

I followed this tutorial which is for AWS and replicated the steps in Step 6: Security Profile for my Azure Dashboard.

I hope this helps someone in future. And thanks to team Edx for providing the wonderful platform.