How to deploy the tutor project on local server

I’v installed tutor and it works on my windows machine fine
But i don’t understand how to deploy it in local web, like for a few users of this web, tutor still works just on my machine
plz, help)

Hi @maximmez
If you are looking to host it on your LAN - ie not accessible via the internet, but only to users of your local network or office VPN users for example, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. the “server” you run tutor on (be it your computer or a dedicated machine/VM) should have a static IP address assigned on it.
  2. you should have DNS entries set up on your internal DNS server to resolve your website name to this static IP.
  3. make sure your server’s firewall (if installed/enabled) allows 80,443 traffic.

If you are going to make it internet accessible for anyone to access then in addition to previous steps you also need to:

  1. set up those same DNS records on your domain’s DNS nameserver to point to your routers public IP
  2. port forward 80,443 on your router to go to your server (or configure on your reverse proxy if you use one)

but remember if you put it on the web then anyone can access it so take into consideration any special access requirements in case you want to prevent confidential data leaks. For example maybe you only want employees of your org to register/access the site (ie restrict registrations to only certain domains), or if you want to enforce specific patterns for username generation (ie only allow format of “name.surname” as username)
There are plugins for this that can be implemented and customised to your requirements