Sharing my local development with other

I have installed tutor and added some plugins and customized the tutor. My problem is that i want to share the customized tutor with other. i am not able to do so. How can i do it? what is the solution for it?

Hi @Subodh_Poudel ,

The first thing pop up in my mind is did you config the firewall setting to let your local area network user request your service? Secondly, did you config the DNS for your local area network and need to support the following:

192.168.X.XX studio.pcXX.intra.yourdomain
192.168.X.XX apps.pcXX.intra.yourdomain
192.168.X.XX preview.pcXX.intra.yourdomain

I hope it can help

I have made some changes in plugins and customized accordingly. My team mate want to install tutor and pull my customization that i have done in plugins and start customizing accordingly. How can this be possible? What is the method?

Hello @Subodh_Poudel, when you said you want to share your dev environment with another person, I think you want to share your configurations. I think of two types of configurations: your tutor configuration and your platform configuration.

If you are adding tutor plugins, you need to share the repository or the branch of your tutor plugins custom, and the other person needs to clone those repos, install the plugins, and enable it.

If you are changing the platform with variables like EDX_PLATFORM_REPOSITORY, or adding Django plugins or Xblocks, you can build an openedx image, upload it to dockerhub, and share the image (You can set what image you will use with DOCKER_IMAGE_OPENEDX and DOCKER_IMAGE_OPENEDX_DEV). You can also share the variables in the config.yml if you need to rebuild the image (Maybe you should use a version control system such as git to store this).

I hope this can help you.


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