How to Enable Enrollment Codes on Maple


I want to activate enrollment codes used for bulk enrollments which running on Maple as explained here:
6.4.4. Enable and Create Enrollment Codes — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation

I should run Site Configuration command with --enable-enrollment-codes parameter.
When I run the following command:
tutor local run cms ./ cms create_or_update_site --site-id=1 --enable-enrollment-codes

then I found the proper create_or_update_site syntax usage:

usage: create_or_update_site_configuration [-h] [--site-id SITE_ID] [--configuration CONFIGURATION | -f CONFIG_FILE_DATA] [--enabled | --disabled]
                                                     [--version] [-v {0,1,2,3}] [--settings SETTINGS] [--pythonpath PYTHONPATH] [--traceback] [--no-color]
                                                     [--force-color] [--skip-checks]

From the usage guide above, what is CONFIGURATION value should I use on --configuration CONFIGURATION parameter?

Where can I read the last documentation on enable enrollment codes on Maple?

Thank you,

Hi, anyone has same problem like me?
The create_or_update_site or create_or_update_site_configuration syntax problem I can’t afford to resolve this issue.

Thank you in advance.