Open edX Events Forwarding

Is it possible to forward edX events data to an external site?

Hi @ajaykrupalk!

Can you elaborate a bit more which kinds of events are you looking to forward to an external website?
What’s the instance and deployment you are running for you Open edX install?

There’s a few platform outputs and extension points you can use to get data from inside the platform:

  • Open edX Tracking logs: files generated by the platform to record multiple student/enrollment related events events. They are used by Open edX insights, but you can also digest them on your own.
  • You can use one of the multiple Open edX APIs to poll data from your external website. When running a devstack, each IDA/service will have it’s API documented under /api-docs (e.g: http://localhost:18000/api-docs).
  • If you need to push data out periodically or build a custom integration, you can implement a Django App plugin: it will work as a drop-in django app which has access to all internal python APIs of the platform.