How to fix Makefile error

i installing Open edx and have error. "
make dev.checkout
./ checkout
make: *** [Makefile:185: dev.checkout] Error 1
i don’t have fix this error. help me pls

Hi @Qu_c_Huy ,

Follow this tutorial

oh. i’m beginer with open edx. my manager require install devstack with version lilac and i’m installing lilac.2
tks your answer bro !!!

Hi! I’ve moved your question to the “Site Operators” topic. Choosing the right topic when you make a post is important for visibility; the default (“Community”) is almost never what you want.

Information like “I’m running Lilac”, “I am using Devstack”, and any relevant log output is important if you would like to get good answers. Your post is pretty short. I recommend when making posts you add as much detail as you can.

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