How to hide an entire subsection based on content group?

We’re getting close to having self-assigned cohorts working here. In anticipation of that, I’d like to figure out how to hide content based content groups. However, right now it seems to me that it’s only possible to hide the unit(s) within a subsection, not an entire sub-section (or section for that matter.)

Subsection’s gear icon, which doesn’t contain the necessary content group based content restriction:

Unit’s gear icon, which contains the necessary content group based content restriction:

The problem is, if someone only can hide things at the unit level, that leads to the undesirable behavior that students can see a subsection, but then they’re just told there’s no data there, if they are in the cohort/content group that is supposed to skip that content:

Is there an option somewhere to enable Content Group based hiding not just for units but subsections too?

No, but there probably should be. A long time ago, the thinking behind this was that all cohorts should get the same set of subsections, and that content differentiation only happened in small ways–e.g. a couple of more advanced units for your grad students, a supplementary unit that contains materials that the school explicitly licensed for on-campus students, etc. In practice, a lot of people try to do exactly what you’re doing, and it’s really tedious to do it.

As of Nutmeg, the course outline should automatically hide subsections when all the units in it are inaccessible because of content group settings.

If you don’t mind mucking with the OLX import/export, it’s useful to note that the content group setting is an inherited field, so you can manually specify it at the section level in XML (though that may be confusing for your Studio authors).

@schenedx, @jristau1984: I seem to recall this coming up in the past for edX. Do you know if there were any plans or tickets around this kind of feature? (FYI @jmakowski)

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