Group content and unit course content visibility issue

We have created a free course with an option to upgrade (buy) a certificate.

I created two content groups. One group for people that take the free course and one content group that is for those who take the course and pay for the certificate.

For those that are in the free course, I want them to see a Unit that talks about upgrading. I don’t want the paying student to see this unit. Otherway around, I want the paid student to see information about grading and the exam that the free student does not need to see.

The visibility in these unites is set based on content group.

Here is the problem. When you are in a group and are not suppose to see the content you still see this, an empty page. That is of course not a nice experience for the student. I want that page to be skipped. The student, not in this cohort content group, should not see it in the first place.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Are those units in their own subsections? It used to be the case where unit content groups didn’t “bubble up”, in that the system assumed that different content groups would always see the same subsections, and only the units in them differed. (This was a philosophical stance which I’m not going to defend–needless to say, many people did not want to use it that way.)

If it’s this particular issue, there was a fix in Nutmeg. Another alternative would be to make a single subsection with both units in it. Still another alternative is to export the course and edit the OLX and copy the content group values from the vertical items (unit) to the sequential (subsection) entries that contain them.

Again, I realize this is all predicated on this bug manifesting only when each unit is in its own subsection. If you’ve got both units in the same subsection and this is happening to you, none of what I wrote above is relevant and I don’t know what it could be.

Good luck!

Hello Dave, thank you for responding.
For tesing I had it setup like this:

So two units, inside one subsection, inside a section.
W’ll look into your suggestions and see if we can make them work.