How to launch tutor on azure server with custom domain

I have saved a config and launched using tutor local launch.
I have got this in command line:

All services initialised.
The platform is now running and can be accessed at the following urls:

But when I go to any of these urls, it doesn’t work. I own the domain and this output is from a azure virtual machine.


Before running “tutor local launch” you must configure the following DNS records: 1800 IN A “Your Public IP”
* 1800 IN CNAME

Btw, I’m almost sure it’s not allowed to use “openedx” on your domain.

Thank you, I am going to try that, as of openedx, I am just trying it out and didn’t know about that, I remove that. Thanks again.

Hi, I followed your steps and configured dns in hostinger and then built using tutor local launch again…
It still doesn’t seem to work.

Hello, what kind of error do you get?

Anyway, here are some tips:

Make sure you can access Let’s Encrypt ( from your azure vm. Caddy uses this to generate the SSL certificates for HTTPS.

Check your vm local DNS settings. You should configure Hostinger nameservers are as follows:

I wish you luck.