How to login as admin user to create courses in tutor local installation

Hi I have installed openedx with tutor by installing tutor and running “tutor local quickstart”. But when I create an account and log in I dont see any create course button or any way to login or create accounts in the lms or cms. I want to be able to create admin accounts and login to the lms and cms. Any help or guidance is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Sam_Joel and welcome!

Right now, Tutor actually hosts its own forums, so you might want to check there:

(I don’t actually know the answer to your question, sorry!)


Hi @Sam_Joel,

You have to run createuser command with right keys. Like:

tutor local createuser --staff --superuser <name> <email>

Hope this helps.


Thank you it worked :+1:

Sure will check that thanks.

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