How to make a course that can be translated into other language as user change language prefrence language

i want to ask how to make a course in studio that can be translated into other language as user change language prefrence language.
for eample if i created a course in english and when user change it language prefrence course content also changed according.
can it be done ?

As far as I know this can’t be done out of the box. Because the content that you’ll put there is going to be static, for example, videos or pdfs etc. For textual content too, what you put there is going to get stored in that form only and dynamic conversion of that content is not available as of now.

Having said that, it can be possible to run multiple versions of a course with different content and setting the language accordingly, with help of course runs or simply duplicating a course with different language content.

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@chintan is correct here. We don’t have a way of dynamically loading content based on user’s language preference, I’m sorry to say :frowning:

There was a way to self-select a cohort here: Self-assigned cohorts - #2 by bpedx. If you can get that working (I haven’t), then you could create N copies of the content for N languages, and then have the student self-select a language cohort at the beginning of the class. And then basically based on whatever they select, they’d be shown the 1 of N copies of the material you created for that 1 language.


While Open edX does not have a built-in feature that automatically translates course content on-the-fly based on a user’s language preference, there could be a potential solution that involves leveraging cohorts.

One strategy could involve establishing separate cohorts for various language groups among users. Then, within the course, you could incorporate and create content based on the language preferences of each cohort.

This method allows for language-specific content delivery tailored to the preferences of different cohorts of users. Furthermore, it ensures a seamless experience within the course interface, allowing users to switch between content based on their language comprehension.

For additional details regarding cohorts, you can explore this documentation and watch this explanatory video: