How to recycle lessons across courses?

Hi! I know that I can recycle lessons and Xblocks within the same course. However, I would like to do that across courses. Is that possible?

For example, let’s say I have a course called ‘How to build a chair’, and one of the lessons is ‘How to choose the best wood’.

There is another course called ‘How to build a table’. It has its own set of lessons, but I’d like to recycle the ‘How to choose the best wood’ introductory lesson from the other course. How to do that?

My organisation is used to having a central, version-controlled database where we host all the lessons, and every time a new course is launched, we can cherry-pick which ones we want to include and which versions. So, the whole thing is very modular. I like that you can clone an entire course on OpenEdX but I haven’t seen an option to recycle lessons across courses or have like a central lesson repository from which lessons can be added to arbitrary courses.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Norman_Rodriguez. There are a few things coming that might get you close to what you need here.

One is a ‘copy-paste’ feature that allows you to copy components within and across courses, and will eventually apply to entire units/subsections/sections: New feature: Copy/Paste from one course to another - components, units, subsection and sections · Issue #210 · openedx/platform-roadmap · GitHub

Another is libraries v2 (I think that is the name). There are several references to libraries in the roadmap but this is one of the more robust items: Component authoring and re-use from libraries to studio courses (BD-14) · Issue #220 · openedx/platform-roadmap · GitHub

The educators working group has a meeting coming about the roadmap: What is coming for educators? And how to contribute. The Open edX product manager will be presenting about these things. I encourage you to join!

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Excellent, thank you so much! I’ve just signed up for the session!