Sharing content across Courses

I’m developing courses on the edX platform.
I would like to know how can i share content across Courses that I build?
I want to copy and move components from course to another.
I saw an explanation to this question in the following link.
please help me!

Ron Reuveni.

Hi @Ron_Reuveni.

The copy to other course functionality seems to be a custom feature implemented on a fork of the platform and it’s no available in the vanilla versions as far as I know.

The pull request upstreaming that feature was closed by the author (

Afaik, there’s two ways of re-using course content currently supported in Juniper/Koa:

  1. Duplicating the course and editing it in the LMS.
  2. Creating a content library to store re-usable problems/content (8.5. Working with Content Libraries — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation)

Hey Giovanni.
Thank you very much for the reply