Copy-Pasting Studio Content Across Courses

Phase 1 of the Content Modularity Initiative is a new feature that will let content authors copy and paste components, units, subsections, and sections both within courses and across courses. Please see the technical approach doc for more specific implementation details.

Comments are welcome–please use the wiki docs. :slight_smile: We’re just starting to flesh out the tasks for the first milestone of Phase 1, but there are still a few big discovery items that will strongly affect the architecture (like whether we adopt a more server vs. client-centric approach).

The stories will be be tracked in this project, but there’s only a skeleton of issues there at the moment. This work is being funded by tCRIL.

For more info on the larger initiative, please see @jmakowski’s recent post:


Can I just say how happy I’ll be to have this? I suspect my team will be glad to use it too. I’ll send it around and hopefully we’ll get some comments.