How to remove a student from a cohort?

Am I reading the documentation correctly, that there’s no way to remove a student from a cohort? Only transfer them to a different cohort?

I.e. I have some content restricted to a cohort, and I added my test user to the cohort. Now I want to remove them, and confirm that they can no longer see the content. But it looks like the only way to do that is just to create a new “placeholder” cohort, and assign them to that instead, which will remove them from the first cohort?

@Rohan With cohorts enabled, every user must be in a cohort. See 12.1.1. Using Cohorts in Your Courses — Building and Running an edX Course documentation

Is there a way to move people back out of an assigned cohort back to the “default cohort” though? (Because there doesn’t seem to be any UI for that.) Or do I need to make a placeholder cohort?

You cannot remove people from a cohort because all students must be in a cohort. So, you can transfer them to a different cohort as described. You would have to make a cohort unless the system enables the default cohort. This is how the default cohort is created:

The default cohort is created only if you have not created at least one automated assignment cohort in your course by the time that the first learner accesses your course content. Learners who have not been manually assigned to a cohort when they access the course content are automatically assigned to the default cohort.

I was saying there wasn’t a UI for moving people back out of a cohort…but I was completely failing to see that there was!

It’s just the first option in the pull-down menu! So this was just my blindness. Thank you!