How to set new progress page for course?

I use tutor edx, and by default for all courses I see the old progress page. However, I see that an updated version has been released for this page. How can I use it for my courses?

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Hi @shepel.a.m!

I’m not entirely sure, but this may be a recent addition that has not made it into a stable release, yet. Which one are you running? Maple?

Hi @shepel.a.m - that change was just released on uses the most up-to-date version of the software (“master” branch on GitHub). This will be packaged in our next named release (Nutmeg).

@sarina I haven’t checked on, but is this through a new page or through a new MFE that needs to be considered for inclusion in Nutmeg?

@sambapete that’s a very good point - I forget about MFEs… :sweat: My guess is it’s in the learning MFE but I don’t know

@shepel.a.m it is possible this feature won’t be in Nutmeg depending on where it is implemented. I don’t have the time at the moment to search for the feature and figure it out, but perhaps someone else does!

Since Maple I think the learning MFE is the default app to handle the learning exprience.
I ran open-release/maple.2 with tutor => 13.0), tutor by default for maple require to install the learning MFE, and will install it with the crossponding name release ( again in this case its open-release/maple.2) for all the enabled MFEs as well.
Here is the screenshot of the progress tab while using the above version:

Which I thinik look very simliar to the one is using.
By the way worth checking this:

The courseware.use_legacy_frontend and course_home.course_home_use_legacy_frontend Waffle flags can be toggled on (either globally or per-course-run) in order to revert to the Legacy (LMS Django-rendered) courseware experience.

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@ ghassan
@ sarina

I deployed open-release/maple.master ,but i still can not get the new progress page ,please help.