Studio not showing up

Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem. After a fresh install of the koa native on Ubuntu 20.04 according to this doc:

and am constantly routed to lms login in page or if I am logged in to the lms home.

I have configured the domains as follow in the yml

The names resolution works for both domains also on the host machine.

What could have gone wrong?

Thanks and best regards

well. you need to edit the studio’s nginx configuration file .
Study how it works


thanks for the reply. Yes I see there ist this regex for the hostname it also listens to port 18010
I am a bit confused, what for I have created the config.yml with the hots vars then? Shouldn’t
this be working out of the box?

It is working if I replace the server name and call the specific post within url but this is not the indended behaviour.


you need to comment listen 18010 then reboot it will work for you

Thanks so far. It worked for a short while, now I installes certificates with certbox for both sites (cms, lms) and named the server.

Now I am not able to login to studio anymore. Even if I am loggied in the cms it soes nothing anymore if I click on sign in on studio home page.

Also there seems to be a redirect loop if I click view in Studio within LMS course view.

EDIT: I managed to get it to work now. Corrected the certbot entries within the nginx config. Adapted all entries with http to https sin cms.yml and studio.xml. Put the proper CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST entries in the config and now both sites are running under 443 (https).