I noticed Course creators can access each others content

Hello everyone,
I noticed that the course creators can see, access, and modify another person’s course even without permission. even before creating a course, once a person with staff role log in to studio, they are able to see all courses from other staff, how can I correct this how can I correct this please.

@josoga2 Course creators have permission to create and run courses


But these permissions don’t grant them privileges to see and edit others’ content.

If the user has an overall staff status

He/she can see all the courses in the instance. However, this status should be given to administrators of the instance.

Users, course creators, can edit and see others’ content when they have staff or instructor status over the course. This is usually added from Studio-settings-course team.

There is a permission you can grant that is instructor over a particular organization. This permission grants the user staff status over that particular organization meaning that the user will see and edit all the courses with that organization.


I hope this helps

The solution suggested by @Albeiro514 is the ultimate solution. I wanted to add one more perspective to the solution. For Example, you need only specific courses to be visible to certain authors and not all the courses on that instance then you can

  1. Register the user on the instance
  2. Add the user in course team from studio. Click here to view the screenshot for details.