IBM cloud deployment not running

Following the steps on Open edX ( I created IBM cloud account for trial version. At last step it gave me [] as the URL for the LMS site and said deployment will be completed in 30 minutes. Its been 3 hours now and the link says 502 bad gateway. How can I resolve this.

I logged in Kubernetes dashboard and in the namespace ‘open-edx-trial’ I saw these 2 entries

  • Container image “regis/openedx-forum:hawthorn” already present on machine

  • Back-off restarting failed container

Also I tried accessing the studio at []. The site works though it does not allow sign - says my email id is already in use.

I also experienced the same. I’d mailed them and asked about it. It’s been more than 3 months, and still no response.

There is a GCP deployment which runs quite easily. Google is also issuing some credit which will give quite good trial period