ID Verification Status in Nutmeg?

Some of us still use ID Verification while selling certificates.

I just discovered that the ID Verification status of a user no longer appears of the dashboard because the file lms/templates/dashboard/_dashboard_status_verification.html doesn’t exist anymore in Nutmeg.2.

Where is the status now displayed for a user?

I know that there were plans to remove ID Verification at one point, but if ID Verification is still part of the source code, maybe the ID Verification status should not have been removed from the dashboard if ID Verification is still in place?

The are emails messages that still mentions to the user that he can check the status of its ID Verification on the dashboard.

Hi @sambapete!

ID Verification was removed from the dashboard in this PR: chore: remove IDV references for proctoring and student/instructor display by alangsto · Pull Request #30146 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub. At the time there were not concerns around removing it from the course dashboard.

As for the email messages, we are aware of the language difference and have a ticket to update it.

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Thanks @alangston

I am just concerned by the influx of emails to our support team when users will have questions why they can’t get a status on their ID Verification if it is no longer available on the dashboard.

Should we expect the ticket to be resolved by Olive?

@alangston I had also completely forgotten that you had reached out to me for that PR a few months ago. I completely forgot about it. I just remembered it while looking at it again. Thanks for the reminder :grin:

I guess we will have to live without the ID Verification status on the dashboard.