ID Verification vs Name Change?

I am in need of an explanation. I hope someone will be able to provide one. @alangston I am copying you just in case you might have an idea.

We still do ID Verification for our users who buy certificates. This still works and I was able to change the status for and ID Verification from submitted to approval like we have done until Koa. We recently upgraded our Test environment to Nutmeg.2 and we have encountered a very strange issue.

When I go to the account MFE, I get this warning:

Technically, correct me if I am wrong, it’s still not a name change. And why would it say that “Verified name cannot be changed at this time.”.

Is there a new setting or a new procedure we should use in order to explain to the user that his ID Verification has been done properly?

Is there a way to turn off the verified name feature in Nutmeg that will not turn off ID Verification by photographs?

Hi @sambapete,

If you remove edx-name-affirmation from the requirements file, the plugin will not be installed. This will also prevent any name affirmation related features from being displayed on the account MFE.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thanks, I will definitely try it.