ImportError: No module named mongodb_proxy

os : ubuntu server 16.04
edxapp virtualenv :
we run :
pip list | grep -i proxy
MongoDBProxy (0.1.0)
but when run : TASK [edxapp : migrate] ,error appeared:", line 27, in “, " from mongodb_proxy import autoretry_read”, “ImportError: No module named mongodb_proxy”
why ?
in edxapp virtualenv in cmd python ,from mongodb_proxy import autoretry_read,
met error ,No module named mongodb_proxy
so how should we to install mongodb_proxy?
or how to correct this problem ?
we almost install openedx native successfully
thanks in advance

and i go to edxapp virtualenv ,run :pip search mongodb_proxy , but nothing returned.
i just run an fresh native installation for ironwood.
does anybody succeed?

At this point, you should install “open-release/ironwood.master” to get the latest fixes for Ironwood.

thank you very much!
u are right
so we can proceed more
but when we run task : insights : install node dependencies
error :

57926 verbose argv “/edx/app/insights/nodeenvs/insights/bin/node” “/edx/app/insights/nodeenvs/insights/bin/npm” “install”
57927 verbose node v8.9.3
57928 verbose npm v5.5.1
57929 error code ELIFECYCLE
57930 error errno 1
57931 error phantomjs-prebuilt@2.1.16 install: node install.js

and we know run :
npm install phantomjs-prebuilt@2.1.16 --ignore-scripts
will ok
but how should we fix it ?
and how can we resume the installation simple ?
thank you in advance
your prompt reply would be deeply appreciated!

I’m sorry, I don’t know what would cause ELIFECYCLE. Can you put the full installation log into a pastebin?

all done
we in china,so network not well with outside
so i just modify in insight main.yml like :

shell: “{{ insights_nodeenv_bin }}/npm config set registry && {{ insights_nodeenv_bin }}/npm install”

just download from inside my counrty
that is done
thank you again for you hint !!!