Include country for SSO login


I´ve set up an SSO connection but when I test it as a new user coming from the IdP I get the registration form and an error saying that “county” is missing, so for some reason country is required for new users, but in the IdP configurations in Django there´s no field to auto-populate country. Is there any way to get around this so the user doesn´t get stuck on the registration form having to enter a value for country?


The country field is required by default “fullstack” installations, but you can make it optional and hidden on the registration form by setting its value in the REGISTRATION_EXTRA_FIELDS to 'hidden'.

If you’re using edx/configuration to set up your instance, you can do that via the EDXAPP_REGISTRATION_EXTRA_FIELDS variable. I believe it’s also possible to override this setting via Site Configurations in the django admin.

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