Initialization order for tutor plugins?

I’m working on a couple of tutor plugins for the OARS project, and I’m in a situation where I need one plugin to have its init scripts run before the other plugin can run its init scripts.

I learned how to indicate plugin container dependencies using depends_on (e.g. here), but I haven’t figured out how to do the same with plugin initialization.

Is there a way to do this with Tutor currently? If not, it’s cool; I can rearrange things to move the dependent init scripts into the first plugin, it just won’t keep the architecture lines as clean as I’d hoped.

Thanks for your assistance!


Yes, in fact! The add and add_item methods both take an optional priority= argument. When you are adding to CLI_DO_INIT_TASKS, you can use this argument to control the order in which the init tasks are run.


That is fantastic, thank you for the pointer @kmccormick !