Inquiry on engagement segments


Can someone explain to me what are all of the engagements segments?
I am not sure if my understanding of those is correct.

disengaging: ?
struggling: low rate between attempts/correct
highly_engaged: high rate between attempts/correct


Hi @Ian2012 , this question did cought my attentions and I have done some digging and investaging, here is what I found and please take my conculsion with a grain of salt, for example I am not sure if the reference of the snippest below, are what actually being used in your version or the latest one.

Type of engagments are: ["highly_engaged", "disengaging", "struggling", "inactive", "unenrolled"]. [1]

The meaning of each type:

  • Unrolled: [2]
    Self explainey I guess, the learner is not enrolled
  • Inactive [2]

    The learner has had no activity in the past 2 weeks.

  • Disengaging [2]

    Two weeks ago the learner was active, however, they have had no activity in the most recent

  • Struggling [3]

    user has a value for problem_attempts_per_completed that is in the top 15% of all non-zero

  • Higly Engaged [3]

    The user is in the top 15% for any of the metrics except problem_attempts and problem_attempts_per_completed


  • These computation is being performed on a weekly basis [4].
  • The events/metrics that alter the classfication of these segments are ['problem_attempts_per_completed', 'problems_attempted', 'problems_completed', 'discussion_contributions', 'videos_viewed'] [2][5].


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Hi, @ghassan thanks for the information. I was a bit confused as there is no official documentation except directly in the code