Install Tutor on ubuntu server

Hello everyone,

I am using an Ubuntu server to install Tutor. How can I run on my PC?

Thank !

Are there any steps you are following from the resources you found? If not, I suggest starting with Getting started — Tutor documentation

Can you give more detail of your situation? Personally I have experience deploying an open edx instance using Tutor(latest) on WSL2 Ubuntu. I used guide from FAQ: Running an edx-platform Fork with Tutor and

Hello @Jiafeng_Du ,
I have successfully installed Tutor on WSL, but I want to deploy the edx (Open edX) instance using Tutor on WSL and be able to customize the code according to my needs.
Can you please guide me on how to do that?

Again, I would need more detail. Please try to follow this format if you are asking for help: How to get help

If you already installed Tutor, can you show us the output for the command “tutor local launch”?

I followed the sequence of commands “pip install tutor[full]” and “tutor local launch” successfully, which resulted in the availability of and

My issue here is how can I replace any line of text.

I am currently exploring Quick Start: First Open edX Pull Request — Latest documentation .

The file that you need to edit is the following:

The change will apply immediately after you refresh the webpage: