Integrate the SEB(safe exam browser) plugin in the openedx

Hello everyone,

I am working with the openedx release nutmeg in the tutor.

is anyone familiar with integrating SEB plugin with openedx

and also I want to know how it is working on the website.

please refer to the below seb plugin link to get a better idea

please guide me on what can I do ….

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not familiar with SEB, but there are instructions for installation with Tutor: Installation — SEB Open edX 1.0 documentation Did you try these? If yes, what didn’t work?

@regis yes, I tried these steps but was not able to see the option or anything related to seb in the course and exam, in the whole platform …so I want to know how to use this in the platform and exactly what it looks like… now why it is not showing anything.

You should get in touch with the maintainers of SEB.

@regis how i can contact them?

@regis want I tried this but I don’t know where to generate the config keys and browser keys, and also SEB browser is not supported in the Linux OS

Refer to the below link for more info:

Thanks for the suggestions.

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hello @regis and everyone,

I follow the below steps to integrate and use the safe browser plugin into the openedx tutor,

I want to BLACKLIST_CHAPTERS blacklist the sections in this course to blacklist only exam-related sections from the whole course outline from the user.

I added the below setting in the studio setting as per the documentation below

But got the below error when clicked on view course.

please suggest some solutions.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Komal_Raval,

I’m part of the team that developed the seb-openedx extension.

I’ll try to answer the questions you have now.

For starters, about the usage of SEB and the support for linux (which to my knowledge is not supported) you would need to look at the SEB project page (

The SEB Keys or Config Keys are something that you generate on the Browser. You need to specify all the settings that you want the Browser to lock in for your learners and this will give you the Keys. Note that you only need either SEB or Config Keys. Not both. Config Keys are a more versatile type of keys and if the version of the browser that you have installed or that you are asking your learners to download supports them, I suggest that you go for Config Keys.

For your other question about using the BLACKLIST_CHAPTERS there are bad news. Starting in Olive (the last version that is tested to work with this extension) the course content is rendered using the Learning MFE (a react based frontend application). The support for specific restrictions to chapters, such as BLACKLIST_CHAPTERS, does not work with the learning MFE. In this case you can only block or allow the complete course. This is not ideal, but we don’t have a better option at the moment.

The best option I can think of is that you can use the restriction only during a period of time where the exam will be running as to not block your learners too much.

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@Felipe Thanks for the suggestions.

Hello @Felipe and everyone,

i just disable the MFE in the tutor nutmeg version and then add config key and browser key in
the admin panel.
now user is not able to see the course content if he/she don’t have the safe exam browser
and if i restrict the section then user is not able to access specific section without seb.

Right now i want to test with the window system with the seb browser

having a windows system with the proper configuration of SEB still user is not able to see the restricted course content and restricted section.

i just want to know as a learner which application i need to install in the system.

Do you have any idea why this happened?

please give me some suggestions on this point.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know the answer but this is very interesting to me.
I think we need some kind of open-source secure exam for Open Edx (for the current and future versions).
Sadly the SEB plugin developed by eduNext no longer works for the latest release.
Even if it does work, I think the experience is not ideal.
Students should go to an exam dashboard that lists all restricted timed exams and then access individual exams without being able to browse other course content.

I’ve attended an exam for Salesforce dev certification before, The supervisor only allowed me to take the exam when I correctly set up my webcam and occasionally moved the webcam around to show him there was no one around in the room.

It would be nice if some organizations could propose a new experience for this matter.

Hey @Komal_Raval,

Setting the correct SEB configuration is hard. Very likely something that a learner will fail to do correctly.
I don’t know for certain how the safeexam project has envisioned this, but I have seen it in action in places where the environment is controlled. A specific room in a university or testing facility where the safe exam browser is already installed and configured for the learners when they arrive.

When this happens, the browser sends an extra HTTP header with a key that signs on the configuration applied by the browser. The openedx-seb extension mainly compares this key with the configured keys in the backend.

@Felipe I want to know which learners need to install which software to access the content of openedx course and which configuration needed

I installed below software:-

And used below configuration:-

correct me if this is wrong.

please suggest some way as a learner cannot see the content of course having this software.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Komal_Raval Have you configured seb with any latest versions of edx ?? I am having concern regarding http header for browser& config key in Palm version.

Hello @Yash_Mistry ,

can you please read @Felipe response in that he mentioned that The support for specific restrictions to chapters, such as BLACKLIST_CHAPTERS, does not work with the learning MFE. In this case you can only block or allow the complete course. This is not ideal, but we don’t have a better option at the moment.


Thank you @Komal_Raval for the reply. I got it that I cannot put restriction on a particular section or subsection , But can i still use whole course as a Seb exam with Edx Palm with Learning MFE , I mean I wanna know if this plugin is ready for working with Latest Edx versions or not.

I’d like to update you all on this. For the Redwood release we updated the seb-openex package and it now fully supports MFEs with granular blocking.

You can see the changes at:
docs: docs: documenting the new settings by felipemontoya · Pull Request #71 · eduNEXT/seb-openedx · GitHub
feat: Fmo/sequence vertical granularity by felipemontoya · Pull Request #72 · eduNEXT/seb-openedx · GitHub