Introduction: Dave Ormsbee from edX

Hi folks!

I’m a staff engineer at edX, and one of three Davids on the Teaching and Learning Platform team. I had the good fortune to be part of the group that officially launched edX in 2012, which is why I often write opinionated pieces about the consequences certain early decisions had and what we’ve learned from them (e.g XBlock lessons learned, Plugin Performance and Grading, Field Data Complexity, etc.)

I’ve bounced around and worked on many parts of Open edX at one point or another, but I have the most experience with Studio and the LMS. I’ve also been involved with the development of Blockstore, our next generation content storage system. If you are proposing a major change to the authoring or learning experience, it’s likely that you’ll hear from me at some point or other. :slight_smile: I am also drawn towards performance related issues and will occasionally fire off a late-night, rage-fueled, optimization pull request.

I grew up in Hawaii, which is why I am delighted that the “K” release of Open edX is going to be Koa. I’m already one of edX’s growing number of remote employees (I live in Connecticut), so I think about returning to the islands about a dozen times every winter.

Education made a big difference in my life, and many teachers went out of their way to give me opportunities while I was growing up. I’ve worked at education-related companies in the past, but it’s a special delight to work at a nonprofit, remote-friendly, open source company like edX.

I’m looking forward to building amazing learning experiences with you all.



Hi Dave,
My favorite part of this community is #community:introductions and this morning I really excited when I saw your name at the top of a topic here. THANK YOU very much
hope to see more topics from others