Introducing... tCRIL! (and "Show & Tell")


Make presentations & demos! Post here!

Hi everyone!

All of us at tCRIL are super excited to be part of this lovely community. We’ve decided we want to start giving back! Periodically, we’ll be releasing short presentations and tutorials designed to inform or level up the community. And we encourage you to use the “Show & Tell” category to do the same!

Today’s Presentation

(well, Monday’s…) The whole Engineering team got together to make a fun presentation that we hope you’ll enjoy! We answer three main questions:

  1. What is “tCRIL”?
  2. Who’s on the engineering team?
  3. What will tCRIL be working on over the coming months?

We answer those questions in this video (YouTube) and we’d love if you’d take a few to watch! (slides are here)

Please post any questions you may have in this thread, or introduce yourself at the conference. We can’t wait to meet you!

The Team

Thanks to @dave @feanil @e0d @jmakowski @cmuniz & @kmccormick for taking the time to film this!


Big Thanks

to @arbrandes who I totally forgot to mention in my post >_<

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