Introduction: Marco Morales

Hello everyone!

My name is Marco Morales (he/him/his) and I’ve been a member of the edX engineering / design / product team since 2012. Perhaps more officially / formally I’m a Señor Product Manager* and Open edX Lead at edX.

Over the past 7 years I’ve worked on nearly all of the platform areas as both the product and design lead, but these days my focus is on the Teaching and Learning core of the platform, as well as on supporting our Open edX ecosystem and community at large. I couldn’t be any more excited about the future of our learning platform, especially as we move toward more configurable modern front ends, clear API boundaries, and a larger platform surface area through which the Open edX ecosystem can build and support teaching or learning on instances all over the globe! If I had to pick specific areas I’d have to say I’m most interested in the future of credentials, mobile / on-the-go learning, and the powerful potential of flexible content taxonomies and learning content sharing, remixing, and general reuse.

In addition to edX I have been an instructor at Olin College for about four years (stopped January 2019 to focus on other projects though). I enjoyed teaching at Boston Startup Institute during the same time as well in their web design / product tracks as well until the company closed its doors. :frowning: Before edX I was at Pearson, worked on educational research for Autodesk, and worked on various other education startups as well.

I’m originally from Tijuana, Mexico and grew up crossing the US / Mexico international border to get to school. The impact education has had on my life is why I’m excited to be working on global educational change at scale with edX!


*crédito por esto a Carlos Rocha, previamente “Señor Architect” de edX :wink: